2020 Micro-fiction Competion winners

Congratulations to DANI NETHERCLIFT of Grovedale, JOE NOVELLA of Mornington and CHRISTINE GORDON of Carlton for their winning entries!  Their challenge was to write a story in exactly 50 words and they certainly came through with stories that had a past, present and a future and a really lovely sense of place. This is truly no mean feat in 50 words.  

The competition has been a massive success with 55 entries from 42 writers all over Victoria and in the coming weeks, we’ll be daily publishing all of them on our social media pages. Make sure you’ve liked and followed our pages so you don’t miss any. With so many entries, there’s a good chance you’ll see some names you recognise. 

The Queenscliffe Literary Festival Micro-fiction Competition will run again in 2021 and we look forward to seeing the wonderful creativity that was so evident this year. 

Keep reading below for the winning entries.

Phoenix by Dani Netherclift

The flowers had all burned with everything else. Jean lived in a ship’s container next to the remains of her house. She didn’t know how long it would be before everything returned to what it had been. Sometimes in the shower, she still cried. But this morning, a sunflower bloomed!

Zebra Pyjamas by Joe Novella

“Which one is you, Grandfather?”
The old man stared at the photo. Gaunt men in frayed and filthy zebra pyjamas stained with mucus and bile, piss and shit, waiting to die. “That one is me.”
“How did you survive?”
“Yes. That one day I would see you born.”

by Christine Gordon

She told Antony her tremulous story of heroic misdemeanours.
He could not abide her apparent dishonesty and in choosing their wedding night to confess, felt manipulated. Perhaps if she had not embellished, the relationship could have survived this discourse. Surely though, his infinite boringness would have eventually done her in.