Queenscliff Gallery and Workshop visit

Despite the cancellation of our Queenscliff Literary Festival the long-planned exhibition around books and emotions at the Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop has gone ahead.

Last week another committee member and I had the pleasure of seeing a great variety of prints by various artists who have responded to a book they were allocated and an associated emotion. The list of books and the emotions connected with them can be seen at: https://qgw.com.au/exhibitions/ 

Theo showed us around the exhibition and explained the various forms of printmaking used by the many artists.  As a reader rather than an artist I was intrigued by how the emotions from the books were interpreted so differently. From pride in King Lear to empathy in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, the artists had wonderful challenges to which they could put their creative minds and hands.

We are delighted that Theo and Soula were able to present this exhibition and we are certainly looking forward to having another exhibition next year alongside our own Literary Festival.

The Human Emotion Exhibition is almost over but you can pop in now that the gallery is open. The exhibition closes at 4pm on Monday, 1 June.

~ Pauline Nunan, QLF Committee President