‘I didn’t have much time due to other commitments, but enjoyed meeting some of the locals at the launch night (and a meal at the pub!). My mum and partner both enjoyed the town during my talk. I found it to be very well organised, and a fantastic program of authors.’


‘It was a pleasure to be involved.’


‘Thank you again for having me – it was terrific.’


‘It was lovely, thoroughly enjoyed the day.’


‘It was great! welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic, and intelligent.’


‘It was wonderful. So welcoming and warm. Next time I’ll plan to stay for the whole weekend! Thank you SO much for inviting me. Such an honour to be part of QLF.’


‘We stayed the night, I had a long walk in the morning, a bit of a tour, bought a few goodies at the market and visited a lovely cafe… then had lunch in Pt Lonsdale before our event. I look forward to visiting again before too long. Keep it up!’


‘Well done everyone, only available for one day but followed on Facebook and 10/10.’


‘I was very grateful to participate. It was well run and well attended and beautifully located.’


‘I was very happy to be part of the festival and participated in one of the events to attract a different demographic. It was wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.’


‘IT WAS BEYOND EXCELLENT! I couldn’t come without my young family. The Big 4 was a perfect place for my husband to keep the kids occupied while I did my session with Rick Morton. One of the loveliest small festivals I’ve been to. What a great town.’


‘Adam and I had a great time. Thank you for inviting us.’


‘It was an absolutely fabulous festival and I attended so many exhilarating sessions. Very-well planned and choice of authors and range of topics were amazing. Congratulations! I have been to all the festivals and this has been the best by far. I felt privileged as a local historian and author to be a speaker. Finally, while having coffee with locals and visitors everyone was feeling stimulated and happy with a visitor commenting to us that she only goes to Clunes and Queenscliff now as their Literary Festivals have a certain magic which is not there in the city program.’


‘Really well run and friendly, Jane did a great job and volunteers were very helpful.’


‘Loved it! We hope to see you all again.’


‘We really appreciate the feedback from our audience and have noted your suggestions for ways to improve the experience. In 2020 we will have more time between events and better signage everywhere.’


‘A brilliant initiative – my first attendance. Keep it going.’

‘Very good and thrilled to see so many out and about.’

‘Well organised on the ground. Efficient booking system. Good venue with well-arranged seating and sound system. Friendly and welcoming.’

‘I loved all three of the events I attended. What was so good was being so close to celebrated authors as part of a small audience and being able to interact with them during book signing.’

‘Excellent range of topics and talkers – like the variety you can choose from across the three weekends – having both weekend prices and individual ticketing is great – as a local lets me tap into the three weekends.’

‘I think it is fantastic and provides a great range of events for a variety of tastes. It was wonderful and I look forward to next year.’

‘Seamless organisation and friendly. Will certainly be back next year and will bring along others from Melbourne. Absolutely outstanding!’

‘Fabulous schedule and well matches facilitators and speakers, well priced, it ran to time, stimulating and professional and thought provoking. Well done.’

‘Our first visit & we loved it. venues were great.’

‘It was all very stimulating and marvellous. You guys did well. Congratulations.’

‘It was fantastic. We really enjoyed every session we attended and have told all our friends about it. Many are thinking of booking for next year.’

‘Congratulations! Absolutely brilliant.’

‘We loved it. Such a rare opportunity for decent intellectual sessions on the Bellarine.’

‘Superb. Will try to attend more events next year.’

‘Great line-up – wish I could have gone to more!’

‘It was fantastic. The director was so lovely and genuine, all the volunteers were welcoming and friendly, my fellow panelists were top people, the audience was lively and engaged, and there was a palpable air of friendliness and good humour. It really was excellent. And I adore Queenscliff.’

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