Sally Lewry

Sally Lewry is an interdisciplinary artist and writer working across performance, art, and poetry. She is a graduate of The Victorian College of the Arts and Theatre Nepean, Sydney and a member of The Lighthouse Arts Collective. Her work examines the human condition, interrogating shifting identities and personal politic – the starting point of a work often arising from lived experience. Having written mainly for the stage and live performance, Sally’s current enquiry investigates poetic form, resulting in her debut collection of poetry: Able in the presence of rocks. The collection speaks to themes of death, grief, birth, and life, and the subtle and overt ways in which they intertwine. Written during a period in which a wedding, death, and birth took place, the collection speaks of the pain, isolation, love, and hope inherent within these, but ultimately the transformational experience which occurs when one is privileged enough to witness the lifting of the veil. Sally will launch Able in the presence of rocks at New Hall, Point Lonsdale, as a part of The Queenscliff Literary Festival. The launch will include live readings, music, and video projection to bring her work to life.