Miek Paulus

The French and the Belgians sure do know pastries! Home of the croissant, the éclair, and the macaron, France is known to produce some of tastiest pastries in the world; while Belgium is, of course, known for its indulgent chocolate goodies. Owner and founder of Ket Baker, chef Miek Paulus, is committed to offering some of the most delicious pastries in town using traditional French and Belgian baking techniques and recipes. She has studied as a chocolatier, patissier, and baker and is now excited to share her passion with the community that has so graciously welcomed her when she moved here with her Australian husband.

Ket Baker only uses local, sustainable ingredients, including raw sugar, organic cream, and free-range eggs, to bake tarts, miniature cakes, and chocolates in order to provide the best quality possible. All of their desserts contain NO additives, NO preservatives, and NO fillers.