Marc McBride

Marc McBride is the illustrator of Emily Rodda’s bestselling Deltora Quest series, which has sold over eighteen million copies. He has illustrated more than one hundred and fifty book covers, ten picture books, countless magazines, and has had work exhibited with the New York Society of Illustrators. In 2001, along with Emily Rodda, he won the Aurealis Award for Deltora Quest series and The Deltora Book of Monsters (2001). In 2007, he wrote and illustrated World of Monsters, which also won the Aurealis award. Marc’s other work includes The Kraken, Old Ridley, and Journey from the Centre of the Earth. More recently, he has published five How to Draw books through Scholastic Australia. His current project, a 350 page graphic novel, will have taken him seven years to write and illustrate when it is finally released in 2018.