Jedda Robaard

Jedda Robaard grew up in a small town on the island of Tasmania, Australia. Jedda now lives on the coast of Victoria with her husband, two daughters and a son, a nervous dachshund, a naughty border collie, a couple of cats, a few chickens, and a rather bitty cockatiel.

Jedda trained and worked as a graphic designer, but always aspired to become a children’s book illustrator and author. Jedda was inspired by Australian artists May GibbsBob GrahamJeannie BakerJulie VivasShaun Tan, and Robert Ingpen.

Jedda ran children’s art and craft workshops for many years. The interaction with her young students, a passion for her craft as well as family life and, importantly, a discerning eye for ‘these’ innocuous little moments in life, all contribute to her creative momentum. Jedda offers her young readership, page-turning, flap-lifting, whimsical, and imaginative illustrations and stories.

Jedda now has over 25 published titles, many of which have been published in many languages including English, French, Dutch, Greek, Korean, and Chinese.