Charles Lane

Charles is a social researcher, adviser, consultant, director, and author. He returned to Australia in 1999 after 30 years abroad attaining undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in the UK, and gained experience working in agriculture, natural sciences, conservation, community development, human rights, development aid, social research, and philanthropic fields.

During 10 years in Tanzania, Charles worked as a volunteer Agricultural Extension Officer (VSO), and then as the Oxfam Field Director for Tanzania. He later spent two years doing his doctoral research with a group of Barabaig pastoralists in Tanzania. During that time, he raised funding for his research by working as an occasional safari guide for Lost Horizons in Arusha.

Charles authored three books: Pastures Lost: Barabaig economy, resource tenure, and the alienation of their lands in Tanzania, Custodians of the Commons: Pastoral Land Tenure in East and West Africa, and Barabaig: Life, Love and Death on Tanzania’s Hanang Plains.